Vulcano 155
Range and accuracy: Unrivalled performances


Vulcano 155: Leaders in guided ammunition

VULCANO 155mm projectile is a sub-caliber, fin stabilized airframe, compatible with the use of standard modular charges, with no need of additional propulsion; it is loaded with Insensitive Explosive and Patented tungsten rings; the mechanical interfaces are the same as in standard 155mm ammunition.

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feature 1

Higher range, and even higher precision

feature 2

IMU+GPS guidance unit coupled with Multifunction programmable fuze or Semi Active Laser sensor

feature 3

High effectiveness warhead solution filled with Insensitive payload

Product specs

Range up to 70 km;
CEP ≤ 5m on coordinate at any operative range
Developed following the Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (JBMoU) requirements.
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