Digital ESM / ELINT for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions


SAGE: Digital ESM / ELINT for RF intelligence

SAGE is a digital ESM / ELINT for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It has both single and multi-platform geo-location of RF assets, parallel wideband and channelised receivers, and delivers instantaneous detection and ELINT analysis. SAGE is suitable for a range of aircraft from tactical UAVs and light helicopters to larger reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft.

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feature 1

High Probability of Intercept (POI) and Enhanced Sensitivity by combining both Wideband and Digital Receivers

feature 2

High accuracy single platform geolocation

feature 3

Low SWaP using Ethernet connections to reduce the need for long runs of RF cable

Product specs

Covers C-K Frequency Bands
Includes Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) tools for creation of Mission Dependant Data as well as Replay and Analysis of missions
Can be operated standalone or integrated as part of a larger mission system
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